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Whether you have prior training in a related field or no experience at all, these 3D Animation workshops have everything you need to take meaningful steps towards portfolio development for post-secondary study and your dream career. We welcome enthusiasts, high school students, mature students, career changers, and newbies. Led by industry all-star Melissa Best (The Jungle Book, Batman V Superman, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2) and Henrique Reginato (Foxcatcher, Dark Matter, Timeless, Minority Report) you can select from a range of interesting workshop topics and explore fundamental 3D Animation skills/techniques.

Regular rate:

$150 each

Discount available for YWCA members with the promo code.


Option A: 3 workshops for $400 (get $50 off)

Option B: 5 workshops for $650 (get $100 off)

Option C: 7 workshops for $850 (get $200 off)

Workshop Hours:

9am until 4pm (with 1 hour lunch)


VFS Campus 151 West Cordova St.

**Please be advised that familiarity with art-based software and/or compositing is required prior to moving forward to more advanced workshops within this series.


"Based on recent economic forecasts, the animation & VFX industry is going to continue to grow and there will be a massive need for thousands of new hires in order for BC and Canada to remain competitive on the world stage. VFS’ VFX and Animation Workshops will help develop the talent BC needs to grow the $2.6 billion in production spending already invested across the province. There has never been a better time to begin a career in this industry."

- Brad Dahl, Government Relations and Special Projects – Bardel Entertainment


In Vancouver, over 60 studios make up the VFX and Animation industry, comprising the world’s largest cluster of domestic and foreign-owned studios.

- Vancouver Economic Commission

Intro to Photoshop

Explore the art and science of photo manipulation, a powerful compositing technique that is used in post-production for film and TV, as well as for commercial and corporate projects. Led by a VFS industry instructor you will dive into the fundamentals of Photoshop, learning how to extract images from photographs, layer them and seamlessly integrate them into one image. Learn how the pros optimize photographs, how to add look and feel to an image and how one can make the impossible possible thanks to the magic of Photoshop. With additional self-study beyond this workshop series you will be prepared to take steps towards developing your portfolio for industry or advanced study.

Learning Outcomes - Participants will:

  • Navigate the fundamentals of Photoshop in preparation for Compositing for post-production in film, TV, and commercial/corporate industries
  • Demonstrate proficiency with different photo manipulation tool sets in industry standard photo manipulation software
  • Successfully integrate multiple still images together
  • Have a developed asset for portfolio use

October 27 - 28, 2018
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Intro to 3D Animation

Explore 3D Animation in this intro workshop for adults who are seeking new career opportunities in BC's booming creative economy. Learn how to represent forces including weight and gravity, and create the illusion of character motion over time in Maya–industry standard animation software.

Learning Outcomes - Participants will:

  • Create the illusion of motion by modifying values over time
  • Effectively represent forces including weight and gravity
  • Demonstrate proficiency using function curves and use them to create 3D Animation
  • Identify the core mechanics and principals for creating 3D computer animation
  • Have a developed asset for portfolio use


Intro to Modeling

In this introductory course you will explore 3D modeling with an industry expert instructor, learning to model simple organic and hard-surface objects, situating and lighting them in simple 3D micro environment using Maya, industry standard modelling software.

Learning Outcomes - Participants will:

  • Build hard surface and organic models
  • Utilize a variety of modeling tools and techniques
  • Build geometry with the aim of matching target reference
  • Demonstrate proficiency using the interface and tools within 3D modeling industry software
  • Build and render a very simple 3D micro environment consisting of at least 3 props and 2 walls
  • Have a developed asset for portfolio use