Available on:
October 01, 2022
$2000 per month
4 or more Bedrooms
No Smoking Allowed
No Pets

1420 West Georgia

Interested in this fully furnished private bedroom? You clearly have exceptional taste. Like all our rooms, this one features a great location in a desirable neighborhood, a comfortable layout with good-sized bedrooms and bathrooms, and a great kitchen with plenty of counters and cabinet space.

The master bedroom has its very own private washroom which is extremely modern. This beautiful large master bedroom is fully furnished with a double bed, desk, and a 36” TV. There is plenty of storage space for all personal items. This is a perfect room for someone who is working or studying from home. Included is the fastest wifi in the city. The apartment is fully furnished and has great floor-to-ceiling views of the city. The kitchen is fully stocked with all cooking essentials and we also will restock all of your cleaning supplies once a week. To ensure that the apartment is always kept clean we provide you with a free maid service. The apartment is to be shared so we are looking for a student or working professional to move in with us.

Building Amenities:
Fitness Centre
Hot Tub
Garden/Outdoor Space

Apartment Amenities:
Fully Furnished
Free Maid Service
Cutlery, pots, pans, bowls, plates
Photos and floor plans are for reference only. Furnishing and floor plans may vary.

Stop your search and make your move to your new home. Contact us at 604 669 0674
to see everything that this private bedroom offers.

FOR INTERNATIONALS. Please reach out via What’s App +1 (604) 901 9311


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