Available on:
June 01, 2023
$850.00 per month
1 Bedroom
No Smoking Allowed
No Pets

3558 Price St

This is a private 3 bedroom 1 bathrom basement apt with good sized windows that open and full height ceilings. Maximum 3 male students 1 per bedroom.
Currently two VFS male students call this home; one in the writting program and the other programing for games.

The owners are a family who live upstairs with adult children and are looking for reasonable clean and quiet students.They have been with me for over 5 years and are reliable, warm and helpful to the many students I have placed there over the years.

Rent 850.00 per month, no additional or hidden charges.
Included : heat, electricity, WIFI, washer/dryer, fully equipped kitchen and 3 piece bathroom including large walk in shower.

Location; the Joyce skytrain station and a fast skytrain ride to all VFS downtown campus locations.

The available bedroom is the middle sized room. Furnished with desk and chair, closet and bureau, single bed, all linen provided.

The suite is available to view and meet the owner, if you are currently here in Vancouver. If not I have pictures and details and I am happy to answer questions. I view all the accommodations and take the pictures.

Please note: the room is available through Bell Accommodation Services a student placement agency. I have been providing students with housing options for over 24 years ; many from VFS.

If at any time during you contracted stay you have any questions or concerns I am available to assist you.


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