Available on:
March 01, 2024
$1035 per month
1 Bedroom
No Smoking Allowed
Pets Okay

6030 Irmin

We have a bedroom opening up in our 4 bed, 3.5 bath house in South Burnaby (15 minute walk from Royal Oak or Edmonds Station).

About the rental:
- available March 1st
- can come furnished with a bed and dresser if needed (not the ones in pictures) or unfurnished
- shared bathroom
- outdoor space that we plan to turn into a summer hangout spot, room for gardening too!
- den space for shared storage
- common spaces/kitchen have all the appliances and furniture you need, pls use with care (if you have your own stuff we can try to figure something out)
- $935/month NOT including utilities (approximately an extra $100 a month in utilities (wifi, gas, electric))
- street parking
- washer dryer & dishwasher
- potentially pet friendly depending on the animal (caged animals should be fine, bigger animals up to discussion)

About us:
- Gee: Game Designer, Rover Dog-sitter, and VFS Alumni, artsy, lots of plants, likes cooking
- Aaron: Software Developer, UVic Alumni, current BCIT student, loves food, Gundam building and gaming
- Andre: Programmer turned blue collar, VFS Alumni, into gaming and cars
- Riley: Vintage fashion/clothes connoisseur, thrifting fan

About you:
- clean/tidy
- okay with animals
- respectful of noise
- approximately in your late teens or 20s
- a gamer (hopefully!)
- willing to download Splitwise and join our roommate group to keep up with monthly bills or shared expenses like dish soap, garbage bags, etc

If you’re interested, please respond to me with information about you, we will be choosing our roommate based on compatibility and will have follow-up questions to ensure we are a good fit for you!

Contact Information:

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