Iran + Blogging = Motionographer

By VFS Web Team, on November 19, 2008

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UPDATE: Because of the incredible attention this piece is getting online thanks to Digg and being featured on Boing Boing, we asked one of the designers, Lisa Temes, to tell us more about the team's process in approaching this piece.
Lisa says: "Our goal for this project as motion designers was to complement an informative and powerful script by using subtle yet engaging imagery. Although we took inspiration from sources such as the recent animated film Persepolis, we created all of our assets by photographing live subjects and tracing them in illustrator, so we were able to achieve the exact look we were aiming for." Thanks, Lisa -- and stay tuned, VFS Blog readers... you haven't heard the last of this team!
Digital Design students have done it again: a team-made motion design infographic about blogging culture in Iran has just been written up on Motionographer! Iran: A Nation of Bloggers explores how the digital world allows many Iranians access to ideas and freedom of expression they haven't had for close to thirty years.
Congratulations to the talented designers who created the piece: Aaron Chiesa, Toru Kageyama, Hendy Sukarya, and Lisa Temes, as well as to writer Kate Tremills. Check out this incredible piece below!