These preparatory programs are designed for students to gain more experience in the creative arts. Each program has been developed to broaden your experiences and build your fundamental skills. The majority of students who complete one of these programs, go on to further their skills in VFS's advanced programs. 

Advanced Programs

Film & Television

Our programs encompass all areas of the film and television world, from the idea stage to post-production. In your chosen program, you'll be supported by industry-pros as you gain hands-on experience. You'll create a portfolio or demo reel that showcases your capabilities to employers in Vancouver, and globally.

Animation & Visual Effects

In any of these three programs, you'll immerse yourself in one year of intense study, in a space that mimics a real-world animation studio. Supported by industry professionals, you will create a quality portfolio to showcase your skills, tell your own story, and prepare you for a career in animation or visual effects.

Games, Design & Technology

In your chosen program, you’ll be supported by industry instructors and mentors to solve problems—simulated or for real clients—and create games, applications, or user experiences that will delight audiences. You'll showcase your ideas and working products to employers in your own professional-quality portfolio.

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