Behind District 9: Shawn Walsh Interview

By VFS Web Team, on August 31, 2009

Not long ago, we had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver's Image Engine, the company responsible for many of the 600-odd visual effects shots in District 9. While we were there, we got to sit down with a few of the 3D Animation & Visual Effects graduates who worked on the film.
We shot 6 interviews in all, representing both "old-school" VFS grads from the late '90s as well as more recent alumni.
We kick it off with Visual Effects Executive Producer Shawn Walsh. (For more about him, check out his IMDB profile.) Enjoy!

And here's what we have in store for the coming days:
September 2 - Bernhard Kimbacher, VFX Data Coordinator/Compositor (IMDB)
September 4 - James Stewart, Creature Supervisor (IMDB)
September 8 - Julianna Kolakis, Creature Texture Painter (IMDB)
September 9 - Robert Bourgeault, Lighting Lead (IMDB)
September 11 - James McPhail, Effects Technical Director (IMDB)
Stay tuned!
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