Available on:
February 01, 2019
$640 per month
1 Bedroom
Square feet:
No Smoking Allowed
No Pets

3455 Turner st

This ad gives priority for Male VFS students. I have coming up for Jan 1st (or remaining days of Dec) 1 room upstairs on the main floor of a Vancouver Special style house $680 per month 120 sqft includes internet, utility s and laundry, key for room and key for house, this room includes a very small washroom, ask for pics.
Room is furnished with single bed and bedding,table and chair.. share kitchen and washroom with 3 other VFS students.
THE Atmosphere...
Ideal for local and international male VFS students who want to go home to a
pleasant neighborhood at arms length from downtown.
15-20 min one bus ride to all campuses, 95 or14.
Suitable ONLY for those who are productively engaged outside the home on a
basis during the day (work or school), who appreciate a quite home
atmosphere, and
who socialize outside of the home.
Perfect for singles who appreciate a quite, no-surprises place to come
home to relax
and study.
THE Rent...
Pricing is based on the size of the rooms, utilities included, our goal is to keep
rents reasonable
so please turn off lights etc. when not in use.
Lease is 4 months, after that it can be
renewed or revised to month to month.
After you graduate, you are welcome
to stay on as this has been the case in the past for some..
THE room (s)...
Each room has a window and locking door , is
simply furnished with single bed, bed sheets,blankets,pillow, desk, chair.
full washroom 2 sinks
In-suite washing machine.
Full shared kitchen with dishes and cups and cutlery, toaster, microwave
THE cleaning...
Cleaning schedule in place so that A) common areas are kept clean. B)
everyone does
a equal share of weekly maintenance cleaning. (stop reading this and go to
the next
ad if you cannot clean up after yourself)
PLEASE read this too....
For the consideration of others..NO SMOKING in the home! In other words,
do not smoke (vape) anything at all in your room, or in the house.
Looking for mature minded students,responsible, pleasant, co-operative,
courtesy to others and common sense.
Also, in the consideration of the rest, please no overnight guests /noise after midnight, and please clean up after yourself .
One person to a room,No pets, No parties,No drugs.
I have land lorded for over 10 years almost exclusively to VFS, Previous
tenants have repeatedly stated
they appreciate these rules as they make for a quite, pleasant,
no-surprises home.

120 sqft $680 this one has a private toilet.

Please email me for pics and more info including a brief description why you would be a good fit..
Quite and safe neighborhood, no parties or drugs.

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