VFS named in Variety Magazine’s Entertainment Education: Stellar Film Schools in 2017

By VFS Web Team, on May 12, 2017

After 30 years of industry-defining success, Vancouver Film School (VFS) has firmly established itself as one of the top entertainment and creative media technology schools in the world. That solid international reputation was highlighted recently, when VFS was named in Variety Magazine’s “Entertainment Education: Stellar Film Schools in 2017” article, listing the 30 most “stellar” entertainment academies in the world.

In 1987, VFS revolutionized entertainment arts education with the introduction of the world’s first one-year intensive film production diploma program. Today, VFS is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering acclaimed and award-winning one-year diploma programs in animation, film and TV production, screenwriting, makeup, visual effects, programming, video game, motion and interactive design. In 2014, VFS launched the Shanghai-Vancouver Film School in Shanghai, in a ground-breaking partnership with Shanghai University.

In the Variety article, VFS is praised for having “the largest digital paint and effects lab in Canada,” and for its full-time diploma programs, as well as the school’s “picturesque” location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. VFS was also the sole Canadian entertainment arts institution to make Variety’s prestigious education list.

2016 was another outstanding year for VFS, its talented students, and alumni. The school’s 25,000-strong graduate network continued to make a major impact on the entertainment industry, with alumni working on the top entertainment properties of the year – totaling more than $19 billion in world-wide revenue. Former VFS students could be found shaping the industry through work on movies such as Rogue One, Suicide Squad, Jungle Book, Deadpool and Logan; TV shows including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Last Man Standing; AAA game titles Overwatch, and League of Legends – plus pretty much every major blockbusters, and the biggest brands.

This year, VFS was ranked the No. 1 Best Web & Mobile School in the World by The Rookies, an annual global competition for young actors, artists, designers, and creatives. In addition, VFS was also ranked #2 Best Motion Graphics School in the World, #3 Best VFX & Animation School in the World, #3 Best Photography School in the World, as well as placing amongst the top 10 in the world for Next-Gen Gaming Schools.

VFS announced a first-of-its-kind partnership in 2017 with cutting-edge performance capture company Mimic Performance Capture, Inc. (Mimic) to build a state-of-the-art commercial performance capture studio at VFS’s Film Production campus. The Performance Capture Studio will allow VFS and Mimic to collaborate on the development and delivery of specialized curriculum and training workshops for VFS programs, staff, and students. The performance capture studio is designed to be the leading global performance capture provider in terms of capacity for advanced stunt work, voice work, camera systems, methodology, and applied research.

Moving forward, VFS will continue to evolve its award-winning curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of industry, while cultivating deep relationships with the top studios and most innovative creative companies in the entertainment world.