VFS Grads Take on Aliens and American History

By VFS Web Team, on June 27, 2016

It was only a matter of time before Independence Day – the 90’s hit that took Will Smith out of Bel Air and put him in a cockpit – was given a second life. Even though Mr. Smith opted out of the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence reunites us with many of the original cast members. Yes, the pang of nostalgia every time Jeff Goldblum delivers those zingers is REAL.

The possibility of a third film is set up in Resurgence, leaving audiences and reviewers buzzing. It might involve humans traveling into space, meeting other alien races, and adopting advanced technology to attack the really mean extraterrestrials who keep coming back to Washington and blowing stuff up. It’s an exciting premise, and, like the Game of Thrones finale taught us last night, the whole revenge thing is very satisfying to watch. Bill Pullman always pays his debts…

We want to congratulate the real MVPs from Foundation Visual Art + Design and 3D Animation + Visual Effects for their work on the film. Fighting space invaders is no joke. They are:

Chung-Yin Hsieh (Compositor)
Joao Bogossian (Compositor)
William Towle (Digital Compositor)
Daphne De Jesus (Digital Compositor)
Muzaffer Korkut (Fx/td)
David Skorepa (Lighting Artist)
Dean Mangion (Matchmove Artist)
Alvaro Gasco Jaraquemada (Modeling Artist)
Jagdeep Saggu (Paint & Roto)
Daniel Baas (Second Assistant Camera)
Jose Julian Karam Lopez (Senior Digital Compositor)
Ehsan Shokrgozar (Technical Director)
Shawn Walsh (Visual Effects Executive Producer)

In Free State of Jones, Matthew McConaughey plays Netwon Knight, a real life rebel who waged a war against the Confederacy in Jones County, Mississipi. It’s a film that explores a dark piece of American history and puts racial progress at its centre. The relevance of the themes explored in Free State of Jones can’t be overstated. For that reason alone, it’s worth your time.

Congratulations to Foundation Visual Art + Design and 3D Animation + Visual Effects grads Michelle Skrzyniarz (Compositor), Samson Wong (Lead Environment Artist), Oliver Seemann (Matte Painter), and Naline Suzigan Amaral (Visual Effects Coordinator) for their involvement in this film!

*If we've missed any alumni in this post, please email us at social@vfs.com and we'll be happy to update!